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(Zoom or Telecounsel only)

Diagnostic Assessment

I will usually devote the first few sessions to assessing the types and extent of problems or concerns you have. This process requires that I  ask detailed questions about your history, life situations, and present distress. At times this process will involve stirring up painful or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Once I have identified the specific problem areas, the two of us will agree upon a plan including goals and methods to accomplish these goals.

$85.00 | 50 mins

Restored by the Well Christian Counseling


The decision to begin counseling is one which may have important consequences for the rest of your life. Bravo for taking such a significant step toward your mental, emotional & spiritual health.
The effectiveness of your counseling (in any area of your life) depends on a large variety of factors, including the nature of the problem, the effort you put into the process, and the type and length of treatment. Together we will work towards achieving overall well-being and relieving inner stress.

$85.00 | 50 mins

Premarital | Marriage/Couples Counsel

Whether you are about to get married or are already married, you will benefit from counseling. Marriage is one of the closest bonds that any man and woman can experience. Building a good marriage takes time, commitment and personal effort. Often times couples lose themselves in roles, work, children and responsibilities, thus the marital union suffers. I will help you retain individual identity and uniqueness while empowering you to draw closer as a couple.

$125.00 | 50 mins

Temperament Therapy


I am a Certified Temperament Counselor teaching that our temperament (AKA personality) is placed within us by God and is our God-given spiritual genetics that determines how we uniquely and individually interact with people, places and things. You will learn who God made you to be in character, strengths, and needs so you can find peace and relieve inner stress. This service is for those seeking longer-term counseling, that is, more than one session.



APS/SPP Without Counsel

Do you just want to know whom God made you to be without going for counseling? Do you want to learn your unique character, strengths, and needs so you can find peace and relieve inner stress?


With this service, you will receive your personal profile without any counsel all through email, including your payment for this service. This can be done through e-transfer.



APS/SPP With Counsel

You will receive your special temperament profile with an hour counseling session explaining Inclusion, Control and Affection. You will learn if you are an extrovert, introvert or a bit of both; if you are independent, or dependent; if you are emotionally open or emotionally guarded as well as all of your unique traits. This service is for those who only want to discover their profile and don't need further counsel.


$150.00 | 50 mins

Financial Matters

Professional Scaling Fee

I have a heart's desire to assist you with the help of the Lord, the Word of God, my professional training and life experiences. We understand that finances can be a problem or a hindrance and often a determining factor when seeking counsel; therefore, for those who have lower incomes, I have a professional sliding scale guide that will assist us in determining a reasonable payment to this ministry for each counseling session according to one's income. You will be required to submit two cheque stubs for each working member in the household for verification. I look forward to assisting you.

$30.00-$75.00 | 50 mins






Ministry Donation Fund

This is a trust fund set up by generous donors who believe in Restored by the Well's vision, "to facilitate intimacy with the Father by the well—an encounter with God so that all people might be reconciled, restored, and set free, then discipled and empowered to reach their full potential in Christ for the advancement of the Kingdom of God." Therefore, through their generous giving, they have provided a way for those who could not otherwise receive counsel because of financial difficulties.

As long as there are funds in this account, this service will be available.

Please Note: To all donors;

Restored by the Well is NOT a charity and cannot issue donation receipts.

$0.00 | 50 mins






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