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Our Vision:

Our vision is to facilitate intimacy with the Father by the well—an encounter with God so that all people might be reconciled, restored, and set free, then discipled and empowered to reach their full potential in Christ for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

"The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord."                                                           (Isaiah 11:2)

The Well

The name, “Restored by the Well” is based on the story of the Woman at the Well in John 4:4-26, 39-42.


When God led me to this story, He revealed His heart for this counseling ministry;

  • His people are coming to the Well, the Source of their supply to meet and be intimate with Him—intimacy & restoration

  • He is the Wonderful Counselor who will listen, advise, guide & direct us in this process—wise counsel

  • He is the Living Water drawn from the Well—cleansing & refreshing

  • He is the Savior, reconciling those who don’t know Him—reconciliation

  • He is the Prophet who sees and knows man’s heart—prophecy & healing restorative prayer

  • He is the wise “Master Teacher”—discipleship & freedom

  • He is the “I AM.” He can satisfy every need—hope & healing



I was a woman with a past—Jesus transformed me into a woman with a future

I was a woman lost in my identity—ashamed of my identity—Jesus transformed me into a woman with an identity—now confident of my identity in Christ.

Jesus restored my soul!


As I studied scripture, I learned that the well is a place of divine appointments with God. It represents a place to draw both physical and spiritual water. It is a place where God met with His people, spoke to His people, instructed His people, blessed and prophesied to His people. It was a place of restoration where He manifested His Presence and encouraged their hearts. The well was where God often propelled mankind into their destiny by first revealing Himself and restoring them from the inside out. Story after story we see people by the well praying and drinking Living Water; living water that satisfied their deepest needs. The well was a place where God spoke the truth in love, gave hope to the hopeless and counseled them in wisdom, in understanding and in the only way God can. This is the heartbeat of this ministry.

I believe love, compassion, and an attentive ear as well as observation, education (various applicable biblical therapeutic techniques), prayer and leading of the Holy Spirit can be the bridge that takes a person who is stuck or locked inside of pain & trauma, distortions & deceptions to freedom in Christ where they can now be receptive to growing in maturity in Christ and fulfilling their God-given potential with passion, and purpose!

God desires to bring you to the well, where He can meet with you. He is the Living water who can satisfy your soul.

This counseling ministry is a place that will provide a compassionate, caring, confidential and safe environment—a place of collaborative engagement where the client feels heard, validated and understood. Though counseling can be painful and uncomfortable, it can also be a journey of healing, restoration and empowerment.

When you make the decision to come for counsel, be encouraged to know that I have a team of prayer warriors who will be praying for you for the duration of our time(s) together. They will never know your name or specific intimate problems, as we respect confidentiality.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your well-being. You matter. You are important.

Come to the Well






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