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Hello and Welcome...


to a place where I hope you feel heard, understood & validated. Grab a coffee, sit a while and ponder in your heart;

Are you Stuck?

  • Do you feel like you are not moving forward in your life?


Are you Angry?

  • Do you feel irritable, annoyed or frustrated in life?                         

Are you Fearful?

  • Do you feel paralyzed by fear or certain fears that hold you back from opportunities? Or from simply enjoying life?


Do you struggle with;

  • Low self-esteem—feeling less than or inferior?

  • Tormenting thoughts—worse- case scenario or constant what ifs?

  • Perfectionism—everything has to be perfect or you feel stressed, & condemned?

  • People-pleasing—constantly making decisions for others approval, or saying ‘yes’ when you really want to say ‘no.'

  • Depression, or grief or anxiety--feeling hopeless, dead inside, and  nothing seems enjoyable anymore?

  • Addictions--alcohol, drugs, sexual, or food?

I want you to know....


There is hope, healing and restoration.

Come to the Well

and meet Brenda

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