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Do you remember the story of Samuel, when God first spoke to Samuel and the young boy thought it was Eli? Samuel wasn’t aware that it was God speaking until Eli perceived it was. Then Eli instructed Samuel to return to his bed and, if he should hear God again, to respond, “Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.” Can you relate? Are you unsure whether you can hear God or know what his voice sounds like? Are you longing to grow more intimate with God?


Holy Spirit Speaks provides you with practical help in learning to hear God, spirit to Spirit. Whether as part of a personal or group study, you will read both biblical stories as well as author Brenda Nash’s own personal experiences that showcase the voice of God and what it sounds like. Dr. Nash has accomplished the goal of creating a space for the Holy Spirit to guide hungry seekers into a very intimate encounter with the one true God—to hear from him and learn that he hears them as well.


If you have not yet truly heard the voice of God in your life, then rest assured that the Father so passionately loves you that he created you to hear him and have intimate communication with him. With this assurance from the Lord himself, you can use the practical and spiritual tools in Holy Spirit Speaks to develop and form an interdependent relationship with God Almighty.



“I just read the Introduction and WOW!!!!!!! Holy Spirit Speaks invites you on a personal journey with the most important yet least talked about gift left to us. The thought-provoking questions and expressive devotions also allow you to experience the writer's personal journey. If you are looking to deepen your personal relationship with Holy Spirit, this book will assist you in diving in the deep waters!”—Shelby Frederick

“I started the "Day 1" reading. What caught me by a pleasant surprise is your writing style; very sharp, intimate and purposely written like no writer I have read before….. Your questions are very pointed. You certainly didn't waste your time getting the reader to get involved with writing down their thoughts… Doing these questions with you providing the verses really deepens my walk, Brenda. A joy to read your book. The Lord spent a lot of energy and insight into you as you set out the daily reading assignments in a logical format….Wow! You have a real gift for writing, and I am sure your editor recognized your skills. Also, on page 5 and 6, I did not realize as to how many ways a person can receive/ communicate to the Lord. Nonetheless, I thought of writing you a short note to say, "Thank you, a job well done!"—Alan Sideen

“I had started reading, "Holy Spirit Speaks: 50 Days to Hearing the Voice of God workbook" and began to hear God in a way that I could understand. I noticed that He had been talking to me all this time, but I was not listening. What made this revelation happen was when I was reading chapter two of the workbook. During this chapter, I prayed for God to show how He speaks to me and what His plans are. As I waited, I heard a voice tell me, "read Romans 12." It states that we have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us. At that moment, I felt closer to God and knew that He wants to communicate to me."—Rachel Bouvier

"Brenda Nash takes the idea of hearing God and makes it accessible for all of us. I have seen her personally walk out the things that are on the pages of this book and have been impressed with God in her and her ability to hear God in a way that is biblical, grounded and solid. The daily devotional format helps unpack a broad range of ideas in a way that you can easily activate every day. I would highly recommend that you dive into this book and discover for yourself how you can hear God and have Him become that real, tangible person in your life. Enjoy!!"—Aubrey Krahn, senior pastoral team, Church of the Rock, Winnipeg, Mb

“It was an honor to partner with you on this adventure. So many will be blessed to know that when God hears them, He answers as well. Much love and success with your new book. Please, friends, get this book if you want to access new realms in hearing God for every area of your life: Holy Spirit Speaks: 50 Days to Hearing the Voice of God Workbook.”—Jevon Bolden, Editor

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